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World of Witchcraft
Once more, an elaborate project has been created. For further reference and to learn who could be won for it read

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Saphira's Sufferings
For the Shooting for World of Witchcraft Saphira Spanks hat to endure a real torture. For more background information read

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Lady Verona
Especially for those who can read Bavarian and understand the gibberish. All others may imagine their own subtitles.
Lady Verona spent a joyful day in her studio with Slave Hubert. Of course, he receives a full-blown frog treatment. Click here to witness the vicious pleasure.

FetishUnderground in English
My Website is also available in English. I wish to express my gratitude to Rubbersoul for his effort and dedication on the translation. Thanks a lot for the great and quick work! He has indeed earned my sincere respect.

Fetish Dog Pauline
Doggy-Outfit handmade by Verona Gummibaum

Impressions of Boundcon VIII was at Robert Mayer

Tip of the Month
Fetish Dog Pauline with the RubberSisters

FetishUnderground by Verona Gummibaum

Top News from the FetishWorld

This page is intended for keeping visitors of my Web site and also my online shop customers up-to-date on the latest developments in my FetishWorld such as new photo productions, private messages or new products and offers.


Once in a while... kinky projects get created in Verona Gummibaum's workshop to realize them in spooky and morbid scenes. For the production of "Haunting Ill", "Annibal Ector" and "Haute Opsie" I am looking for photographers, female and androgynous male models (on TFP basis) as well as for bizarre locations in forsaken hospitals or (even better!) looney bins. Please send your suggestions and applications via eMail.

BDSM-Toys by Verona Gummibaum

You enter my online shop through the menu option "Verona's Secret Garden". All pieces you can find in there are handcrafted quality, designed and fabricated in my Munich manufacture. As my shop is still in the build-up phase, it is subject to constant expansion. So, frequent visits are always worth the while.

    Batman Paddel Design by Verona Gummibaum

Marquis Fetisch Magazin

Thomas Hammerl is known as a journalist and has also been working as a writer for 15 years. He has written many reports for Marquis and has now visited Verona Gummibaum in her holy chambers. This encounter resulted in an interview which can be read (in a shortened version) in the 44th issue of Marquis Magazins. Alternatively, you can experience the whole uncut "interrogation" on

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Dark Spy Magazine

FetishUnderground has made it on the front page of the Dark Spy Magazine. Many thanks to Art-in-Black for the great image editing work as well as to the Dark Spy team for the prompt realization.

Boundcon VIII

Without further ado, Verona Gummibaum had snagged the Rattler Dog of her friend Comtesse Larissa, which answers to the beautiful name "Pauline", and visited the Boundcon in Munich. It goes without saying that Verona Gummibaum created a tailor-made dragon-style rubber outfit for the Fetish Dog which then resembled the luckdragon "Falkor". It made the dog the highlight of this fair. Fetograf - AlexX was so delighted at the bitch that he spontaneously did a shooting of her together with the RubberSisters.
Another visit was paid to the booth of Art & Design Robert Mayer where the enchanting Pauline was snapped by fetish photo artist "Sir K", who instantly published the results of YouTube.
You can watch the outcome of the shooting by clicking on the corresponding picture on the left. Have fun...

Current Fetish Recommendations

16.01.15 TokyoDecadence, Berlin
16.01.15 Clothed & Naked, München
17.01.15 IndustrialPain, Berlin
17.01.15 Kunst und Sünde, Hamburg
17.01.15 Gothic Erotik Party, Dortmund
17.01.15 Abend der O, Offenbach
17.01.15 Party & Play, München)
17.01.15 Macht der Nacht, Nürnberg
18.01.15 Zuckerbrot & Peitsche, Dortmund
22.01.15 SemperFides, Berlin
23.01.15 ShibariBar - Mystische Nacht, Berlin
23.01.15 Dark Passion, Hamburg
24.01.15 Pain and Pleasure, Berlin
24.01.15 Nacht des Grafen, Frechen bei Köln
25.01.15 Der dunkle Markt, Dortmund
25.01.15 Darkside-of-Heaven, Gelsenkirchen
29.01.15 Lacing Lounge, München
30.01.15 Angel-in-Bondage, Berlin
30.01.15 Candle Night, Berlin
30.01.15 Shades of Passion, Nürnberg
30.01.15 Fangtasia, Nürnberg
31.01.15 Late-X-treme, Forst (Lausitz)
31.01.15 Secret of O, Berlin
31.01.15 Kinky Underground, Berlin
31.01.15 Sub Noctem, hamburg
31.01.15 Nacht der Benutzung, Hamburg
31.01.15 Puppenspiel, Dortmund


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Frog Joke of the Day
"Waiter... Waiter... Do you have frog legs?" "Yes Sir!" "Then hop on over to the kitchen and get me a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich!"
More jokes you will find on

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